“Regain Your Power As A Human Being”.

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 “Power is determined by the belief system of a Being and not by what one physically has”. – Ace Ruele

Most people don’t know the power they possess because the process of being powerless starts even before birth. Depending on the belief system your parents had and their perception and effects of the environment, that Belief system is information passed on to you during the development in the womb and as you grow up within the western environment the programming of depriving your power comes into full effect. Now proof is in front of your face every day and in your memory of life. If you remember when you wanted to learn how to ride a bike as a child, regardless of the amount of failures, you got back up and kept going until you knew how to ride a bike. Now, most people are a victim to failure, that’s why they stay in jobs and relationships that are “comfortable” and provide “security” even though they are not truly happy. Now the only way you can constantly be doing something that drains your soul is because you believe subconsciously that you are powerless on the belief of living your dream or taking charge of your life. Now as I stated, this process begins before birth but if you look at your environment, you can see that powerless programming everywhere, such as school education which makes people believe the only way to get a good job and earn good money is to get an education rather than having the structure being about how to learn. If a child questions the teacher appropriately about the education given too much, then he or she is very likely to be seen as a troublesome child. Also, the school systems don’t have mandatory classes on the education of the mind and emotions which is the most important education, to even money management, but I thought having a good education was to ensure a good job and good pay, but i won’t go into that. Then you have the media like television that you can see 99.9% has nothing empowering, the news is 99.9% on negative stories, TVs dramas and soaps display a majority dysfunctional relationship, again I could go on but the point is, without the awareness of the powerless structures in place, you are very likely to become a victim of it. 

How do you regain your power? I believe by doing and experience a multiple of things which I am going to list below which helped me and believe it can help you. But the reality is, some people need to go through more impactful experiences before they can regain what they are taught to believe they don’t have, POWER!

Here are 7 things I recommend from my own experience that i believe can help you regain your power.

  1. Develop your spiritual beliefs

    Your spiritual beliefs are your foundation of life, without it, you will always be a victim to what life has to offer. Your spiritual beliefs are your beliefs on life, such as, why am I here? What’s my purpose? What’s my connection to the universe? What is life about? Being able to answer these questions will help you in regaining your power.

  1. Knowing who you are, “I Am”

    A lot of people only know what they like and dislike, but that is a tiny percentage of who you are. Do you know how the mind works and operate? Do you know how the body works? What it does to keep you alive? As well as your spirit? What are you doing that develops the growth of your mind, body and spirit and not just your ego and desires?. Point is, whatever makes up the human being, you should have knowledge on it. And you have a mind (psychology/philosophy/sociology) you have a heart (emotional intelligence), you have a body (physiology/biology) and you have a spirit (spiritual beliefs).

  1. Understand your environment and the effects.

    Once you have done number 2 you will have a clear understanding about the effects of the environment and you will philosophies why certain things are in place. Your environment is based upon the society you live in and the people you are around. Take time to consciously think if the environment your in is enabling growth or disabling it. I suggest you YouTube a guy called Bruce Lipton and understand the science called epigenetics which is the science on how the environment effects the mind and body.

  1. Take action.

    Don’t just read watch and learn things, put it to action. You will mostly believe things once you have seen it or experienced it through feeling, therefore you must live what you have learnt and accepted as truth. Beware that life will create experiences that will test what you are now claiming as truth, if you failure to over come the challenges then it is a clear indication to yourself that your belief wasn’t strong enough.

  1. Turn off the TV and music that is destructive.

    When you understand how the subconscious work then you will realise that whatever you are constantly doing with your senses especially the sense of seeing and hearing, you are training yourself to be at it. Television is a brain sucker, it puts u in a position of an consumer, dumbing you down from intellectual being meaning you become a victim to circumstance depending on what you watch. If your tv programmes are up lifting and forces you to grow as a powerful being then keep watching but if your programmes are just entertainment and dysfunctional stories then bring it to a stop. Once you feel the difference and understand the effects then your in a better place to watch tv or things you find entertaining in moderation. 

  1. Change your Language.

    Language is the power of communication and expression. How you speak is reveals your mindset and how you see yourself and life. Each word carries an energy field that is either high and low and has an effect on your biology. If you are someone who constantly says “I can’t”, “life is against me”, “I hate”, “life’s hard”, “why me”, constantly makes excuses, always talking about what’s happened in the past, listen to sad music etc, you are constantly keeping yourself in a low energy state which doesn’t enable you to become a powerful being.

  1. Share what you know have learn and understand with others

    This is what I love doing the most. Being able to explain to others why they maybe in a low self esteem position, and why negative things constantly happen and give them information that can help them change their perception and be in a happier state, create the best of feelings and thoughts one can have and I believe it will create the same effects for you.

Again, these are just my beliefs, and there is a number of things that you can do to bring you to reclaiming your power as a human being. If your on the path of changing your beliefs then you will find and create your own principles that will work for you. 

One can only share what has worked for me, the key is to find what works for you.

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