The Art Of The Mind And Achievement

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Our beliefs are shaped by the combination of thoughts and feelings.
Our beliefs are the creators of our subconscious mind.
Our subconscious mind is the creator of our actions and responsible for a majority of the events that take place throughout our lives.

If you want to change your actions and the events that take place within your life,
you must change what’s in your subconscious mind.

If you want to change what’s in your subconscious mind,
You must change your beliefs.

If you want to change your beliefs,
you must create the exact feelings for the thoughts of the things you wish to become.

And how do you do that?

The same way you gained or learned anything you wanted in your life.

Step 1 – You must first decide what it is you want to truly become.

Before anything, you must first decide truthfully what it is you want to become. Then you must truly know every reason why you want to become what you have now decided. If what you’re desiring is something you are truly passionate about, then you would have already felt the feeling of being what you desire through the imagination of already being it.

Step 2 – Change your “Wants” into a “Must”, create the belief.

What you want usually comes from wishful thinking or things that are not truly important to you. But your “Musts” are things you truly believe you have no choice but to do. Everything that is truly a “Musts” is powered by emotions and turned into a belief, whereas your “Wants” are powered by thoughts that can be forgotten in time.

Step 3 – You must become educated and have knowledge in what you desire to be.

You  cannot become something without knowledge of that something, and if they do, then you will only become that something for a small duration of time and then return back to the state you originally started out as.

Step 4 – Develop an adaptable strategy.

You must take the time to figure out, to then know, what actions and sacrifices need to take place to be able to achieve becoming what you desire. An adaptable strategy is where you are using actions from your strategy, and from those actions, you discovered new ways of reaching your goals and you incorporate them into the strategy you created.

Sep 5 – Take Action

A lot of people are afraid of creating motion and actually taking on the experience rather than just talking and writing about it. Remember, knowledge is power, but knowledge is weak without action. 

Step 6 – Remain disciplined and committed to your strategy.

Creating a strategy is the easy part once you are educated in the field of what you have decided to become, but taking action and staying committed to it, is where most people fall off. This is why it is important to be passionate and truly know why you are doing what you are doing. Because sometimes it is your passion for achieving your goals and remembering the reasons why you must achieve them that will be the only momentum you have.

Step 7 – Accept Failure as a favour.

Every failure must be perceived as a favour that helps you improve your work. Failure is only a result, and if you choose to learn from the results rather than perceive them as the end, then it will help you create the results you desire……SUCCESS!

AND THE LAST STEP – Don’t get comfortable!

Once you have reached goals, it is easy to get complacent and become comfortable in the field of your success. But being comfortable means you don’t feel you need to grow and develop, which means you are staying the same in a forever changing universe which is the main down fall for every human being. Once one has become, one must keep becoming.

Here is an example of using these steps to pass a driving test.

  1. (Step 1) One decides they want to own a car and why, a car being something they once never had.
  2. (Step 2) One decides that a car is something they must own due to previous experience or future plans.
  3. (Step 3) One gets educated and develops knowledge about having a car and how to get a car.
  4. (Step 4) One develops a strategy on how to get a car, i.e study for theory test, driving lessons.
  5. (Step 5) One takes action from what they devised on their strategy.
  6. (Step 6) One stays disciplined and committed to the strategy to prepare for tests.
  7. (Step 7) One takes the tests and if fails, accepts the failure, learns from the results and retakes tests.
  8. (Step 8) Once achieved, and able to drive, they continue to drive at free will which develops their driving and continuously grows them as a driver.

This is just one example of using these steps, but to achieve anything, to become anything, these are the steps that always used. All you have to do is study the things you once never had, and once you achieved it, it created the feeling of SUCCESS!


P.s If you have time, watch the video in this blog, i can guarantee you will learn something new about yourself or should i say consciously rediscover knowledge already know to the true self 🙂

Written By Ace Ruele – Twitter: Ace Ruele

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