Free Professional Theatre Making For Young People With Generation Arts

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Generation Arts is a theatre company that provides free education for young people to be able to gain qualifications in theatre making and work alongside with established industry professionals. The Company have been going strong for 3 years and have had a success rate of 86% of their participants being enrolled in drama school and university. Every year they have been able to provide 3 courses for young people,as follows;

1. A full time 2 and half week workshop where participants are get a taster of generation arts and what they offer which ends in a final performance to an audience.

2. A weekly course where participants are required to come in once a week for a period of 12 weeks to receive drama training with a professional director who at the end creates a final piece for the participants to perform in a theatre.

3. A 9 months course where participants are required 3 days a week (until final term where they are required monday to friday) to receive drama training with various industry professionals and at the end put on a ticket selling show in an established theatre and leave with an A-level equivalent qualifications.

Apart from the intensive drama training, they provide great support with pastoral issues ensuring each participant are provided with as much help as possible to put their life on track.

To find out more information, please check out their website @ www.generationarts.org.uk


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