The Art Of The Mind And Achievement

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Our beliefs are shaped by the combination of thoughts and feelings. Our beliefs are the creators of our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is the creator of our actions and responsible for a majority of the events that take place throughout our lives. If you want to change your actions and the events that take place…

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Free Professional Theatre Making For Young People With Generation Arts

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Generation Arts is a theatre company that provides free education for young people to be able to gain qualifications in theatre making and work alongside with established industry professionals. The Company have been going strong for 3 years and have had a success rate of 86% of their participants being enrolled in drama school and…

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Open Mic for all performers with Allsortz

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Allsortz is a non profit organisation that seeks to showcase young and older talent by giving them a chance to perform for free at their open mic events . The stage is mostly filled by young londoners from diverse backgrounds but also brings in performers of an elder age. Deken, the events host, once worked for…

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